XCD Project  RedGrid.

Thank you for being a pioneer and helping us build the Internet of Energy



Welcome to the RedGrid XCD project!

Please note: This is not our final product.

The app and devices you will be using are for testing purposes only.

This should be a lot of fun. With your feedback and engagement we will be able to learn and implement some amazing things together.

As a pioneer, you may find the set-up and experience a bit rough around the edges, but we will be with you every step of the way to help with any challenges. 

Some of your insights could become a part of the Internet of Energy.




Getting started


About our Testing

         User Experience


As a test user, you will receive a Mirabella smart energy device that is managed by our software.

Together we will set up and connect this device to communicate with an air-conditioner or appliance in your home/work.


Test Mobile App

We will connect you to our Mobile Web App.
This app provides the buttons through which you will control your appliance.


We are looking to create the most seamless and satisfying experience. We want your honest feedback!

 Peer to Peer Software System

The testing of our underlying technology will be 
invisible to you, rather it is more about understanding usage habits, gathering data.



Please note that our technology puts privacy above all else; please read the short Privacy Policy on what data we are collecting and where it is going. 


Uncharted Territory

What we are trying to achieve is on the leading-edge of energy technology that will revolutionise the way we interact with appliances.


What kind of time commitment is involved?

The XCD trial will last 3 to 4 months. There is no requirement to commit to the entire time.

During this period we will mainly be monitoring your behavior. Around once a month we will give you a call to see how your experience is going.  

What do I get out of this?

A free smart device! Maybe multiple.

Feedback on your household appliance usage. 

A key role in providing insights and helping to invent a new global standard of community energy, mini-grids and distributed energy!

What appliances can be monitored?

Split system air conditioners are the main appliance.

Secondary, we are monitoring any non-critical plug in appliance in your home, so anything that connects to a power socket.

How do I install my RedGrid device?

You will receive an email invitation for a Zoom call with a member of the RedGrid team. Attached are installation guides for you to follow during these calls.

Who do I contact if I have an issue?

Please scroll down to our contact details. Here you can contact us through email, phone or an enquiry form.

How do I adjust RedGrid's access to my appliance or AC?

On the RedGrid web app, the devices page there is an off switch you can select to turn off the device and therefor RedGrid’s control.

Why isn't my appliance turning on?

For the smart plug, if the blue light is on then power is going through to your appliance. If the red light is on there is no power to your appliance. To turn the power on select the on button on the app.

For the IR remote

What happens if I move the plug between power sockets?

Nothing should change. Connect the smart plug to the new socket, then make sure the appliance is connected to the smart plug and the light is on.

How do I turn my AC on and off?

On the RedGrid web app, select the on or off button.

How do I adjust the temperature of my AC?

On the RedGrid web app, select the temperature up or down button.

RedGrid Support

If you need any help please utilise one of our support options.




Call or message Harri, our friendly support superstar on:

0431 399 874

(weekdays only)

Need more help?

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