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Offer new customer value, gain insights behind the meter and reduce costs.

How it works

Do you want to have a better relationship with your customers and save money? The interactions between utilities and their customers have generally been limited to the smart-meter and the bill. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With Nudge, you can create a new category of positive interactions with your user-base. 

Nudge enables utilities to shift the load of their users and gain data insights behind the meter, whilst rewarding their users for participating. The constant stream of positive notifications for the user redefines the relationship with their utility. Customers who have tested Nudge have loved its ability to save them money and reward their energy behaviour, demonstrating high engagement and the ability to facilitate customer acquisition for utilities.

It doesn’t require an electrician to install. We can get your customers started today with Internet of Energy connected smart plugs and device controllers.

Get in touch to find out more: info@redgrid.io

Value for Partners

New Customer Value

Offer new services that customers love.

Aggregation at scale

Adjust the load of your users across a vast network of devices.

Data behind the meter

Gain insights within the home that were previously invisible.

Doesn’t need an electrician

Get your users started immediately with a low cost solution that is easy to integrate.

Our Ecosystem

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