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A secure, immutable and scalable transaction framework for the clean energy future.

How it works

Abacus enables devices to transact and interact across an entire network in a trusted and secure manner, without compromising on scalability. Abacus’ unique encryption mechanism empowers organisations to validate any action in the network without disclosing the data itself. Instead, each piece of data has a unique fingerprint that can be used to validate its occurrence without disclosure. This creates an environment that facilitates trusted transactions and settlements at scale. 

The Abacus platform is supported by RedGrid’s agent-centric architecture. Inspired by the behaviour of honeybees within a hive, this framework enables devices to have their own sovereignty and intelligence. This means that devices can act on behalf of both their users and the networks as a whole. This architecture reduces the need for centralised servers, and capitalises on the security of other decentralised frameworks such as blockchain, without compromising on scalability.

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Value for Partners


Tamperproof data through homomorphic encryption


Decentralised architecture removes single points of failure and enhances security


Agent-based framework capitalises on edge-computing capabilities to enhance network scalability 

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Benefits of centralised and blockchain based systems, without the compromises

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