The RedGrid app is here.

Get exclusive early access to our new app and unlock your energy-saving superpowers.

See the cost of your appliances

Wondering why your electricity bills are so expensive? Is it the old fridge? Maybe the dryer?

RedGrid provides appliance-level insights into your energy use. See how much each appliance costs you each day and track your usage over time. 

Control your appliances through the app and create schedules to turn them on or off automatically.

Use power at the right times

When the sun is shining and the wind is blowing, there is more renewable energy flowing through the grid. With the app’s renewable forecasts, you’ll know the cleanest time to use energy each day.

By using your appliances during these renewable periods, you’ll  become a guardian of our planet.

Join us and make an impact

This app is just the start of our galactic journey, and we need your help to shape future RedGrid products.

Together we can create  a super-powered renewable energy future and have a genuine impact on climate change.


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