Give your solar more power.

SolarBooster™ sets your home up to automatically use energy when it’s sunny. On average, it pays for itself in just 6 months. And you won’t have to lift a finger. 

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Get more out of your solar without lifting a finger

RedGrid SolarBooster sets your home up to automatically use energy when the sun is shining, and gives you personally tailored insights into how you can use your energy to get more out of your solar. It does this by working with smart plugs that plug into your appliances, enabling them to be turned on and off automatically. By pre-ordering a year of any paid SolarBooster plans, you also get a free device starter kit that includes RedGrid compatible smart-plugs, valued at $15 per plug. Additional smart-plugs are also available for purchase with any pre-order.

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Lifetime membership: You can also get a lifetime membership by paying a one time fee. For more information on this email us at info@redgrid.io.

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The SolarBooster™ Difference

Use solar automatically

Save money. Use energy when the sun shines.

Smart Savings

RedGrid’s AI also finds opportunities for your devices to save energy at night.

Get auto-magic reminders

Customisable notifications keep you on top of your energy budget.

See your impact in real time

Get live feedback to see what affects your power bill.


You’re missing out on at least $150 a year

You’ve invested your hard earned cash in solar panels. But you’re missing hundreds of dollars per year that you could be saving on your power bills.

In fact, Aussies are getting the raw end of the deal when it comes to solar. 

Home batteries aren’t affordable (shame we don’t have a spare $10k knocking around).

And selling power back to the grid is a bit of a stitch up. Mostly you sell power back at half the price you bought it for. We don’t like that kind of maths.

Well, luckily, there’s a better, brighter way.


Less leg-work, smarter energy use

You know the saying, let’s make hay while the sun shines? Well, that’s what SolarBooster™ technology does. It sets your home appliances up to automatically use energy when it’s sunny outside and your panels are firing.

This helps you make the most out of your system, so that you can get the best deal on your energy.

Year round, you’ve got a comfortable home that runs like clockwork, and you hardly have to lift a finger.

How does it work?

How much does it cost?


Smart plugs and an app. That’s it.

 SolarBooster™ turns ordinary home appliances into smart devices that can save you money. The RedGrid SolarBooster app has been built to work with smart home devices that help you automatically control your appliances at home.

RedGrid is compatible with leading Australian device manufacturers including Kogan and Mirabella, so that you can have an easy and seamless setup experience.

Then our home automation kicks in to start saving you money. You won’t have to do a thing.

And if there’s an appliance we can’t adjust automatically (like washing machines), we’ll give you real-time, personalised advice on the perfect time to use it for maximum efficiency.


So how much does this cost?

Well, we’re proud to say on average SolarBooster pays for itself in just 5 months. When you sign up to any paid plan, you also receive a free starter pack with RedGrid compatible smart-plugs, valued at $15 per plug.

Getting started is a no-brainer.


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