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1. Save energy and save the planet

2. Better understand your home’s energy usage

3. Earn rewards (like Woolies vouchers) 

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In this exclusive trial, your opinion really counts. As one of the first people to test our technology, all we need from you is your feedback so that we can make our products awesome.

To learn more, check out the FAQs below.

Please Note: RedGrid uses WiFi to connect your devices, so to be eligible you need to have WiFi at home.
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Why get involved?

  • Save money on your power bill. RedGrid devices make it easy for you to manage your appliances better and save money on your bill.
  • Earn rewards. RedGrid will reward you for using your energy at different times. When you do this, you are helping the grid and we will reward you for it. Reward categories will vary throughout the trial, and will include cash, vouchers and donations.
  • Save money, save the planet. Our technology is designed so that every action taken to save households money also reduces emissions.
  • Constant upgrades, like a Tesla. Over the course of the trial we’ll be adding more features to make the devices even better.
  • Get our first products, absolutely free. We’re building tech to save households on their energy bills. As a member of the trial, you get to keep the product that you are testing. All we need from you is to give us feedback on what you love and what you hate, so we can make it even better.

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Enter your shipping info below and we’ll send you your RedGrid smart-home kit, saving you money and earning rewards for using your energy better. In the form we also have a few questions that will help us give you a more personalised experience. For more information click here, or scroll down to see our FAQ. 

Our smart-home kit includes 3x RedGrid energy saving smart-plugs.

 If you have any questions please email Alex at alex@redgrid.io

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RedGrid?

We are a Melbourne based startup that is building tech to make it easy for households to reduce their energy costs and emissions. We also work with energy providers to reward households for using their energy at times that are better for the energy grid and the planet.

What is this product trial?

We are close to launching our first product for the Australian market, aimed at saving you money on your energy bill and earning rewards for using your energy differently. The product is an app that connects to some smart plugs (which we provide for free). The smart plugs connect to appliances in your house and our app finds opportunities for them to use less energy, saving you money on your bill. The app will also notify you if you can be rewarded for switching your devices off at certain times.

This trial is aimed at improving the experience of our app and increasing how much money we can save households on their energy bills. Over the course of the trial we will constantly be upgrading the app. Like how a Tesla regularly updates, you will occasionally wake up and see new features and capabilities for your devices.

We want to save you as much money as possible during the trial, all we need from you is to hear how we can make the app experience even better.

What does a RedGrid plug actually do?

Its core function is to turn appliances on and off.

But in the background, your plug will be learning how you like to use your energy. Then it will start to automatically turn devices off when you’re not using them, and turn them on again when you need them.

What do I get for being a part of the trial?

– 3 free smart plugs, worth $45.
– A better understanding of how your appliances use energy.
 – Rewards (like Woolies vouchers) for taking part in energy-saving trials.
 – A cheaper power bill.

All we need from you is the occasional check-in to see what you love and what you think can be improved. We’ll always strive to make the experience as effortless as possible.

With your help, we’ll be ready to share our clean energy technology nationwide (and really fight climate change)

What appliances can RedGrid plug into?

RedGrid’s smart plugs can plug into any household appliance that is connected to a regular power outlet. The best appliances to plug in are those that consume the most electricity such as plug-in heaters, washing machines, etc. However standby power of average appliances accounts for up to 15% of household energy usage, so we can find opportunities for users to save money in any of their devices.

We can also connect to household split system air-conditioners through our smart remote-control. If you would also like to recieve a smart air-conditioning controller, please reach out to our product lead Harri Sullivan at harri@redgrid.io or on mobile at +61 431 399 874.

How do I earn rewards?

During high energy usage times in your neighbourhood, your energy provider would often prefer to pay you to use less energy so that it makes it easier for them to keep the grid stable. But up until now, there hasn’t been an easy or automated way for them to pay households for changing their usage times. 

At RedGrid we want to make this easy for both the customer and the energy provider. In this trial, we will be simulating moments where the energy grid would prefer you to turn things off. We will then reward you for participating. What’s exciting is that the best times for you to use your energy is during periods when more renewable energy is flowing into the grid. So you can be rewarded and save the planet at the same time. Our devices are automated, so you’ll be able to earn rewards without needing to lift a finger. 

As a participant, you will always be kept in the driver’s seat, with an easy to use ‘snooze’ button to cancel this during times that you would prefer to use your appliances.

What do I have to do during the trial?

We want this trial to be as hands-off as possible. Most of the participation is done passively by just keeping your devices set-up in your house. The trial goes for three 3-month phases, with new features being added each phase, and you can cancel at any time. All we need from you is the occasional check-in to see what you love and what you think can be improved. We will always strive to make the experience as seamless and easy as possible, so that you can effortlessly save money on your energy bill.

How long does the trial go for?

Each phase is 3 months. You’ll join in Phase 2. At each phase, we’ll add more features to help you save money and energy even more easily. The smart-home kit is yours to keep and you can opt-out at any time.

How do I get in touch with the RedGrid team?

Our team is completely available at any time to help with any questions you may have. For general questions or assistance, our Chief Marketing Officer Alex Evans is available at alex@redgrid.io or on his mobile at +61 401 525 239.

If you would like to speak directly with our CEO Adam Bumpus to learn more about RedGrid, you can book a call at: https://meetings.hubspot.com/adam460/10-min-call-with-adam-rg-tullamore-trial.

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