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Do less. Save more.

Redgrid’s money saving, energy saving, planet saving experience.


More power to you.

No more thermostat wars. No more light-switch police. Our app is the easy way to cut costs and save energy.

The RedGrid app connects with smart plugs & controllers to help you automatically control and optimise your gadgets and appliances all via your mobile phone. 

Then, RedGrid intelligence learns how you prefer to use your energy, so that you can save energy without even noticing. 

Save money by automatically turning off appliances

when you don’t need them and stop you wasting energy.

Automatically use renewable energy

by setting your devices to operate during periods when there is more renewable energy flowing into the grid.

Get auto-magic reminders

of when to use your energy to save you the most money.

See your impact in real time

Get live feedback so that you know exactly how your behaviour affects your bill.


Get Amber Electric Benefits through RedGrid

Save even more money on your energy bill with clean energy challengers, Amber Electric.

Amber Electric is like the Costco of energy. They allow you to buy energy at wholesale prices and at a time when cheap renewable energy is being generated. It’s as good as energy prices get.

Amber have a several month waitlist, but by signing up through RedGrid you get to skip it and take advantage of cheap clean energy immediately.


Our Ecosystem

We’re working with world leading organisations to build technology that accelerates the clean energy revolution. Want to join our ecosystem?

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