Frequently Asked Questions



What is RedGrid?

RedGrid is an Aussie tech company that is building a smart energy grid platform. 

Like how the internet turned our old mobile phones into smart phones, RedGrid is taking the old appliances in your house and turning them into smart appliances. The platform gives your devices the intelligence they need to manage their energy better, reducing their energy waste and saving you money. RedGrid’s smart energy technology can also be put into devices that produce energy, such as solar panels, to connect nearby users and create microgrids that support energy trading.

How does RedGrid get into devices?

You might be asking yourself, “my appliances are quite old, do I need a smart fridge, or air conditioner to use RedGrid?.” The answer is no, you don’t. RedGrid works with partners to offer smart plugs, similar to powerboards you would find in your home. These plugs take even the oldest appliances and make them smart enough to manage their energy. For devices that don’t have wall outlets, RedGrid uses smart controllers that work similarly to remote controls that are common to most air conditioners.

Who are RedGrid’s partners?

RedGrid has spent the past year working with large organisations such as Energy Australia, Spotless, Vicinity, Monash University and more to offer smart energy solutions as a business-to-business service. Now, RedGrid is raising capital to take its technology to the people of Australia!

Can I buy these devices?

Currently the devices are not publicly available. RedGrid is raising capital through a crowd equity raise to integrate their technology into more devices, and offer them to the mass market.

Is there a White Paper, Green Paper available?

Currently we are in product development through projects so at present this documentation as well as our technical repositories (Github etc.) are private.  These elements will be released publicly later in the year.

Where can I read/find out more about RedGrid?

You can find out more at https://redgrid.io, reach out to the team at info@redgrid.io, or watch our videos here.


How do I invest?

RedGrid is currently taking expressions of interest in their July crowd equity capital raise through their website https://redgrid.io/investors. Everyone that registers will be the first to receive updates on the official opening and investment process.

What is a crowd equity raise?

It is a crowd-sourcing investment that enables both sophisticated and retail investors to invest in early stage companies. Investors receive shares in the company in return for their investment.

Do I have to be in Australia to invest?

RedGrid’s capital raise will be an Australian crowd equity raise. This is an ASIC-approved capital raising strategy for startups and early stage businesses, but it must be undertaken through a licensed platform. You can express interest now, but when the investment is open you will have to check the requirements of the capital raising platform to ensure your eligibility. For our International friends we will be opening up some investment opportunities later this year for all those who have registered.

When can I invest?

RedGrid’s crowd equity capital raise will officially open in Tuesday, August 13th.

How much can I invest?

RedGrid’s crowd equity capital raise will allow investments of all sizes. Starting as low as $50 and up to $500,000.

Please Note: Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document (when it is available) before investing.

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