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Our new apps connect your appliances to the Internet of Energy and give you the information you need to use energy more sustainably. 

Over time, we’ll be adding more and more superpowers to the app, unlocking the value of your appliances and creating a new energy economy!

By joining now and testing our apps, you’ll be an important part of how we build the Internet of Energy.



Make your appliances intelligent

Wondering why your electricity bills are so expensive? Is it the old fridge? Maybe the dryer? RedGrid gives appliance-level insights into your energy use. See how much each appliance costs you each day and track your usage over time. 

We’re building an Internet of Energy where your appliances will automatically talk to each other, sharing energy, even communicating with community batteries and solar panels. We’re creating a whole new energy grid defined by how you want to use renewables, not by the market.


Use power at the right times

Our in-app notifications will tell you the best time to use energy each day.

With a renewables forecast, you can switch on your appliances during these periods, reducing your carbon footprint and becoming a guardian of our planet.


The gateway to the Internet of Energy.

Smart plugs are the bridge between RedGrid and your appliances.

They allow you to control your appliances, set schedules and track usage. But, more importantly, they make your appliances intelligent and connect them to the Internet of Energy.

The more smart plugs you have, the more appliances you can connect to the Internet of Energy.  


Let’s start a movement.

Note, smart plugs and an active WiFi connection are required to connect to RedGrid applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Internet of Energy?
The Internet of Energy is a platform that connects smart devices to each other, helping them work together to solve grid issues and reward their owners for helping.
What is a smart plug?

Smart plugs are little devices that you plug into a wall socket. Your appliance then plugs into the smart plug, connecting it to the internet and RedGrid apps. Through our apps,  you get information about that appliance, like how much electricity it’s using and how much it’s costing you. You can also control your appliance remotely, setting schedules to automatically turn it off and on. 

What appliances should I connect to my smart plugs?
Visit this link for a list of appliances we recommend you connect to your smart plugs. https://redgrid.io/appliancerecommendations
How can I tell day-to-day what my energy usage looks like?
On the app homepage, a pie graph shows your previous daily usage, and whether you used more renewables (yay!) or fossil fuels.
How does my feedback impact RedGrid?
As an early user of our products your feedback counts. It will shape the way we design new features and the strategic direction the company takes based on the problems you face.
Once you’re onboarded, we’ll talk with you about what you love about our product, what you don’t and what you think it’s missing or could become.
What is the energy grid?
The electricity that runs your home comes from an energy grid made up of both fossil fuels (coal, gas) and renewable energy sources (hydro, wind, solar), no matter who your retailer is. Where it gets complicated is understanding the percentage of renewables in the grid at any one time. This is where RedGrid helps. Through our in-app notifications, we’ll tell you when energy delivered to your home is using either peak renewables or peak fossil fuels, or is balanced.
How will I know when to use the least amount of fossil fuels?

Our in-app notifications make it easy. You’ll receive two notifications a day; one telling you when peak renewables will be, and the other when fossil fuels are highest. These handy reminders help you choose the best time to switch on the devices in your home and limit the amount of fossil fuels you’re using.


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