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Clean energy superpowers in your hands.

Two apps, one mission.

RedGrid’s two apps team up to manage your appliances and help you use renewable energy more often.

The RedGrid Home app connects to all your appliances so you can easily control them, set schedules for switching them on or off, and integrate with home assistants like Alexa and HomePod.

The RedGrid Powers app is where all the magic happens with your energy data, allowing you to track your usage, get notifications when your energy is cleanest, and see how much your appliances are really costing you.


Choose which appliances get superpowers

Not all appliances are created equal! Your washing machine is the Hulk in your home when it comes to energy usage. While smart plugs will work with any appliance in your home, we recommend connecting them to the most power-hungry so you can see which ones are costing you the most.

Washing Machine
Plug-In Heater

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How to download our apps and get setup with RedGrid

Our user-friendly guide will help you download our apps and get connected to RedGrid in a few simple steps.

See our Superpowers app in action!


Our team are here to help

If you need a hand getting set-up with our app, our team are always available to help. We have a list of frequently asked questions below and if you need to you can get in touch by reaching us at support@redgrid.io or by booking in a call here.


Frequently Asked Questions


What appliances should I connect to my smart plugs?
Visit this link for a list of appliances we recommend you connect to your smart plugs. https://redgrid.io/appliancerecommendations
Why isn't my smart-plug connecting to my Wi-Fi?
This could be for a number of reasons.
First, ensure you are connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signal. Then, ensure the blue light is flashing on the plug by holding down the button for 5 seconds. Lastly, make sure your plug is as close to the WiFi modem as possible.
How do I know if I have 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi?
If you only have one signal you can connect to via your Wi-Fi modem, chances are it’s 2.4GHz. If there are two signals it is likely they will be titled wifiname and wifiname5g, the one without 5g is the one we want to connect to.
I'm having trouble setting up my devices and that app, who can I contact?
If you are having trouble getting set up with RedGrid, please reach out to us at the contact details above.
What is the energy grid?

The electricity that runs your home comes from an energy grid made up of both fossil fuels (coal, gas) and renewable energy sources (hydro, wind, solar), no matter who your retailer is. Where it gets complicated is understanding the percentage of renewables in the grid at any one time. This is where RedGrid helps. Through our in-app notifications, we’ll tell you when energy delivered to your home is using either peak renewables or peak fossil fuels, or is balanced.

What is load shifting?

The devices in your home use different amounts of energy. But they all put demand on the grid – especially if you use them at the same time (think putting on the kettle while doing a load of laundry while running your A/C with a window open). And some put more demand on the grid than others, like your A/C unit.

Load shifting means using your higher energy devices when the grid is powered by renewables. With our handy in-app notifications, you gainthe superpower of knowing the best time to turn on your devices when energy is greener. You can choose when to switch your devices on or off without having a major impact on your daily life. Doing laundry just got a lot more fun.

Will I have to change how often I use my washing machine?

Not at all! The app notifies you when it’s the best time to use your washing machine – when renewables are highest in the grid. So instead of saving the environment by limiting the amount of washing loads you do, the app simply lets you know when the best time is to do it.

How do I know when to use the least amount of fossil fuels?

Our in-app notifications make it easy. You’ll receive two notifications a day; one telling you when peak renewables will be, and the other when fossil fuels are highest.These handy reminders help you choose the best time to switch on the devices in your home and limit the amount of fossil fuels you’re using.

How can I tell day-to-day what my energy usage looks like?

On the app homepage, a pie graph shows your previous daily usage, and whether you used more renewables (yay!) or fossil fuels.

How do I get help or provide feedback?

In the app, on the menu page select the HELP & FEEDBACK button. Type your message and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also use this space to share any ideas or feedback about the app.. We even want to hear what you don’t like! This is only an early version of the app, we want to ensure you have the best experience possible in future releases.

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