We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Amber Electric!

Amber is like the Costco of energy, passing on the wholesale price for a monthly subscription. We love this model because it rewards people who use energy during periods when renewables are blasting.

Benefits of Amber

  • Save money while working from home. Amber customers saved 20% on their energy despite using 15% more during lockdown. Check it out.

  • Don’t pay the retail markup. Amber doesn’t take a margin on the energy that they provide. 

  • Amber plans are carbon neutral by default.

Benefits of the RedGrid Partnership

  • Skip the line! Amber have a several month waitlist but by joining through us you get to jump right in.

  • Get our first products, absolutely free. We’re building tech to save people even more on their energy bills. When we launch later this year you will be the first to receive it and it will be completely free. 

 We joined in less than 3 minutes over a cup of coffee, then Amber takes care of the rest.

Check it out below or email Alex at alex@redgrid.io if you have any questions.

Want to learn more or send us a message? You can reach out to us below.

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