About Us

On a mission to deliver clean, affordable energy for the world.

Our Values

Above all, we are collaborative and honourable. We work as a team and with others, to create mutual benefits and shared value. We do the right thing, even if that means passing on an opportunity.

We are bold, deliberate and strategic. We take risks for the things we believe in, we are loud when it’s needed. But our desire for justice alongside our well-planned, thoughtful decision-making means we listen and evaluate before we forge ahead.  We contribute to the common good rather than extracting for our own needs.

We always cut our own path. But to decide where we’re going, we draw on our community and are transparent throughout our journey.

Accelerating a Clean Energy Future

Our Vision
To bring clean, affordable energy to every home, create virtual minigrids that connect communities, and pioneer technology solutions that solve our planet’s environmental crisis.

Our Mission

RedGrid is software that seamlessly teams up with the appliances in people’s homes to save them money, form virtual energy communities, and stop using fossil fuels.

What do we do 
We’re on a mission to revolutionize the energy grid and help the world use renewable energy more often. We connect home appliances to an app that helps people see how often they’re using clean energy vs fossil fuels. The app gets to know their appliances and their household energy use so that it knows when the best time is to run a load of washing or switch on an A/C unit. This happens automagically so no one has to worry about being the lightswitch police.  With our app, our appliance integrations, and our virtual minigrid software, we’re helping people see that small changes in how you use your energy, adds up to really big things.


Our Ecosystem

We’re working with world leading organisations to build technology that accelerates the clean energy revolution. Want to join our ecosystem?

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