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Fostering a true energy ecosystem.

You don’t need solar panels to join the clean energy revolution…


At RedGrid, we give currently disconnected devices a brain and a voice. This enables them to communicate across brands and energy providers, to take collective actions that benefit grid stability.

We integrate our software through internet-connected smart controllers. These controllers speak on behalf of the devices and intelligently adjust their behaviour to changes in grid conditions. The end-user is then rewarded for participating in positive energy actions that relieve grid strain during key periods.

This reward mechanism is integrated with local retail outlets, so that the benefits of clean energy behaviour not only benefit the individual, but also the community.

Benefits for Utilities

Real-time Energy Actions

Utilities are able to take immediate action at massive scale, reducing risk within the grid.

Balance Demand with Available Supply

Energy supply and demand can be balanced through load shifting, intelligent pre-heating/pre-cooling and other AI-enabled adjustments.

Scalable & Secure

RedGrid uses an agent-based software architecture reducing single points of failure, increasing security and enabling unparalleled scalability

Benefits for End-Users


Users are rewarded for adjustments in behaviour by their intelligent devices during key periods

Reduced Carbon Footprint

By adjusting load, users not only reduce usage but prevent the requirement of additional sources of energy being added to the system.


Reward integration with local outlets ensures that social sustainability is promoted as well as environmental sustainability.

A New Architecture

RedGrid’s software architecture follows the design principles of biomimicry, using the behaviour of honey bees within a hive as inspiration for its design. This architecture is agent-based, giving each device its own individual awareness and rules for behaviour (DNA), like a bee. Each device can respond to stimulus signals from the grid and other devices, and respond according to the preferences of its user. This system creates a meshed network of behaviour that reduces reliance on centralised servers, without using a blockchain.

Where other systems are strained by the addition of new devices, new devices strengthen the RedGrid network as their computing power is harnessed to behave as a collection of micro-servers. This creates unprecedented scalability and decentralised security.

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