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Fostering a true energy ecosystem

RedGrid is building the Internet of Energy.

Optimising Energy Assets

Enabling better visualisation of energy data by integrating artificial intelligence at the asset level. By giving energy assets intelligence, the IoE platform enables devices to automate their consumption production and storage in accordance with signals from the energy markets and user’s preferences.

Enabling Renewable Integration

The IoE platform is device agnostic, enabling seamless integration into energy IoT devices. Through its agent-based distributed architecture, the platform is both scalable and secure.

Creating a Smart Transaction Grid

By giving devices intelligence and connecting them through a mesh network, the IoE platform enables devices to automatically coordinate themselves with the actions of other devices on the network. In doing so, the platform enables rapid demand response, P2P trading and greater grid stability.

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Dr. Adam Bumpus

Simon Wilson

Alex Evans

PK Rasam

Head of Partnerships
Dylan Smith

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Mike Gamble

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