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Fostering a true energy ecosystem

Join us to build the Internet of Energy.


RedGrid has already begun building commercial applications with energy and IoT partners, to demonstrate the value of intelligent energy networks. RedGrid is actively seeking partners to join us in deploying technology in small commercial projects. Reach out to our team:


RedGrid are currently seeking Expressions of Interest from investors who would like to become part of the future of energy and support our movement in developing the open Internet of Energy and commercial energy applications. To register your interest click below.


The Internet of Energy platform will be open-source, enabling developers to build on it, and contribute to the underlying code. If you would like to be involved in building a clean energy ecosystem, reach out to our team:

The Internet of Energy

The Internet of Energy (IoE) is a protocol that can be integrated into devices that produce, consume, or store electricity. It gives them the intelligence to communicate with one another and take collective action to unlock energy value for the individuals that own them and the network as a whole.

The platform consists of two layers — a base-layer communication protocol and an application layer. RedGrid is building the first applications on the Internet of Energy.

The first application RedGrid will be building is Market Responsive Asset Optimisation, which will allow users’ high consumption devices—such as HVACs—to automatically respond to external market prices and signals in order to reduce consumption and costs. This will be applied to households, commercial buildings and multi-building sites. The application will be integrated into utility demand management programs to pay users for reducing their demand peaks, easing strain on the grid.

An Open Source Ecology of Energy – CEO Dr. Adam Bumpus

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