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Fostering a true energy ecosystem

A New Architecture

At RedGrid, we are building a new architecture for the modern energy grid. We give currently unintelligent devices a brain and a voice, enabling them to communicate and adjust their behaviour on behalf of the grid, and be rewarded for doing so.

By distributing the grid’s intelligence, we are able to optimise energy production and consumption, reduce grid stress and bring new customer benefits, all while creating a network that becomes stronger as it scales.

Balance Supply and Demand

Collective device coordination enables us to adjust energy usage of devices to meet the current supply, shielding wholesale customers from price spikes and enabling retail customers to be rewarded for using their energy at times that better suit the retailer.

Seamless Rewards

RedGrid’s artificial intelligence learns users preferred comfort and patterns, to ensure rewards are maximised without affecting comfort.

Scalable & Secure

Our agent-centric architecture enables each device to have its own intelligence, removing the need for a single centralised source of control. This enables collective action at an unparalleled scale, as adding more devices does not put strain on the network, but instead makes it collectively stronger and more secure.

Meet the Team

Dr. Adam Bumpus

Simon Wilson

Alex Evans

Head of Partnerships
Dylan Smith

Lead Engineer
Mike Gamble

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